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T H E . F I R S T
M C D O N A L D S . D R I V E - T H R U
The first McDonald's drive-thru window opened in Sierra Vista, Arizona, on January 24, 1975.
In May 1999, that historic location closed forever so that a new McDonald's restaurant could open next to it.

The first McDonald's drive-thru is being torn down and replaced by a parking lot to serve the new McDonald's.

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Newspaper Ad, 29 Kb
A copy of the Grand Opening ad, framed inside the new McDonalds.

Ad Closeup, 27 Kb
During the three-day grand opening, every 10th car through the drive-thru got their order free and one lucky person would win a year's supply of Big Macs.

Out With The Old, 41 Kb
Here's a shot of the old McDonald's. Destruction is already underway.

In With The New, 37 Kb
Here's the new McDonald's. It had just opened a few days before I took this photo. You can see a glimpse of the old McDonald's on the right.

Drive-thru Window, 26 Kb
There's the first McDonald's drive-thru window, boarded up now. The vehicles are customers for the new McDonald's.

Piece of History, 36 Kb
A closer look at the boarded up drive-thru. Without the parking area that this space will provide, parking at the new McDonald's is limited to about 10 cars.

Side-by-Side, 28 Kb
Here's a panoramic view of the old and the new side-by-side.

And one more bit of trivia... The day some of these photos were taken was also the first day offering of the Ty International Bears Beanie Babies at McDonald's. There was a line inside McDonald's roughly 30 people deep for the first four hours of business that morning. Parking was a creative challenge.

Photographed in Sierra Vista, Arizona
4 & 13 June 1999
Epson PhotoPC 600 and 750Z digital cameras

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